Our team

Morten Schlothauer – Project Lead
  • MBA
  • More than fifteen years of experience in managing engineering companies, including as CFO at Pharmaplan GmbH
  • Expertise: business analyses, development of strategies and organization concepts, post-merger integration




Dr. Rainer Wiartalla – Manufacturing and Regulatory Strategies
  • Doctorate in Chemistry
  • For over 30 years management of pharmaceutical production Byk Gulden, Altana, Nycomed and Takeda
  • Last position as MD and VP Production at Takeda GmbH (plants in Europe, Asia and Latin America)




Günter Körblein – Systems, Innovation and Technology
  • Advanced Diploma in mechanical engineering
  • More than 30 years of top management positions in the pharmaceutical industry, including that of managing director of Uhde-Pharma Consult, division manager of engineering at Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Expertise: investment and innovation strategies, optimization of production processes




Dr. Michael Weber – Site Development Concepts
  • Doctorate in Physics
  • Many years of senior management positions in production, site development and property management at Bayer Technology Services
  • Expertise: consultancy experience in site development and organization




Dr. Michael Stein

Dr. Michael Stein – GXP
  • Doctorate in Pharmacy
  • More than 20 years GMP- und management experience in the pharmaceutical industry as Head of Production and Qualified Person, inter alia at hameln pharmaceuticals, Bionorica and Berlin Chemie
  • Freelance consultant and network partner of Tetragon Consulting in all aspects of pharmaceutical production




Prof. Helmuth Mühlmeier – Change Management
  • Studies of educational sciences and theology, trained as coach and supervisor according to DGSv (German Society for Supervision);until 2009 professorship at the theological seminar of the Protestant church of Hessen and Nassau
  • More than 20 years of experience in executive coaching