Strategy development in machinery and plant engineering

Making equipment suppliers and engineering firms fit to respond to their customers’ needs

The pharmaceutical and chemical industries and their engineering partners are facing the same trends and challenges. Preparing them for these trends is a key success factor. As the emerging markets are gaining more importance, global markets are changing. Cost pressure due to competition from low-wage countries, regulatory changes and technological progress are forcing companies to adjust ever faster.

Thanks to our experience in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, Tetragon Consulting can help you understand current market and customer requirements and to reflect these in your strategy and business development.

Our team is able to cover the following areas:

  • Evaluation and development of strategy and organizational options for new business segments
  • Portfolio strategy und innovation specifically for the suppliers of the pharmaceutical industry
  • Strategies for technical services and operator models
  • Strategies for system and line business
  • Sales and service excellence
  • Organization and design of innovative services across the entire life cycle
  • Development and implementation of strategies for internationalization and regionalization

Strategy concepts are developed within the framework of workshops with your management teams and employees. Our primary objective is to ensure that the concepts are accepted by your teams.