Pre-investment consulting

Development of investment strategies for a company, a corporate function (R&D, production) or a site.

From experience we know that very often investment decisions for the production environment are made when bottleneck situations have occurred. Normally companies then only look at solutions for the immediate problem and neglect the need to integrate such capital expenditure into a broader company-wide and sustainable overall concept.

Our consultants were involved for many years in the investment committees of large companies and are therefore familiar with the success-factors  for  designing and presenting capex applications to management bodies. It goes without saying that technical information is very important, but just as important is the consideration of the business environment,  the assessment of risks (GMP issues, supply bottlenecks etc.) and the evaluation of alternative solutions (relocation, outsourcing etc.). Moreover, the systemic aspects of site operation from an economic (energy cost) and environmental (carbon footprint, emissions) come into view.

Our team is able to deal with the following areas:

  • Process engineering evaluation and capacity analysis for production and packaging.
  • Assessment of the OEE situation and of other KPIs (lead-time, work-in-process, etc.)
  • Assessment of  internal and external logistics
  • Site evaluation in terms of land resources, supply and disposal facilities, environmental policy
  • Preparation of a multi-step capex concept depending on forecast scenarios
  • Evaluation  of the investment stages by means of cost-effectiveness ratios (NPV, pay-off period etc.)
  • Evaluation of alternative solutions (toll manufacturing, investment in other corporate sites)
  • Preparation of a final investment concept reflecting all  previous activities
  • Preparation of a report for the management board including a compelling “story line”.

All projects are processed in workshops with the respective managers and experts. Our consultants prepare the workshops, act as facilitators and document their results. Thanks to our long-term experience with international companies we are also able to provide English-speaking facilitators and documentation.