Sustainable site development

Development of site strategies on the basis of a sound analysis of risks and opportunities.

We claim many years of international experience in launching, developing and operating industrial sites. On your behalf we will carry out a detailed analysis of your sites’ strong and weak points on the basis of which we will prepare a customized concept for future development and thus also for your company’s development.

The core element of our evaluation is a profound SWOT analysis of the site`s corporate, technical and environmental risks and opportunities. This analysis will be conducted on site and using available documentation. Based on our analysis we will hold workshops with your management staff and experts to developing concepts for a sustainable site development and to assessing them with regard to  their future viability and practicability.

Our expertise covers in particular the following areas:

  • Site evaluation for acquisition or sale
  • Organization and optimization of infrastructure services
  • Consulting services in connection with the planning and construction
    of new plants or their integration into existing infrastructure
  • Cost-cutting programmes for higher profitability
  • Portfolio analysis and evaluation
  • Concepts for sale and third-party usage

In a summary report we present an all-embracing view of risks and opportunities together with proposals for reducing the risks and ensuring a sustainable development of the site.

This approach provides you with clear decision-making criteria that will enable you to ensure your business’ success at the site or to secure a good sale of the site.