Investment scenarios for a toll manufacturing site

Project goals:

  • Vision for future reorientation within the group
  • Adoption of a compatible toll manufacturing strategy
  • Projection of sales growth, product groups and potential customers
  • Propositions for necessary investment scenarios
  • Demonstration of economic viability

  Project approach:

  • Strategy workshop – vision/mission
  • Competition analysis
  • Benchmarking with best-in-class competitors
  • Status analysis of
    •  Plant condition
    • Utilized plant capacity
    • Compliance
  •  Analysis of market development for vials & lyophilization
    • 2 workshops on strategic goals and initiatives
    • 2 workshops on investment scenarios:
      • Volume forecast
      • Plants/space requirements
      • Room data sheets
  • Cost effectiveness analysis (net present value)

Project results:

  • Cost effectiveness analysis presented to the Management Board
  • Decisions on product portfolio and key customers
  • Adoption of the investment concept
  • Preparation of request for detailed engineering